Godfrey Pontoon Boats Deliver Performance!

November 8, 2013

When it comes to pontoon performance, quality and innovation, Godfrey Pontoons is the industry leader. But that only makes sense. You see, Godfrey built the very first aluminum pontoon back in 1958. And the driving force behind our 50 years of success has been to pull together the best designers, engineers and craftsmen to create products that will excite you, thrill you and give your family the best ride possible.

If you still think that you need a fiberglass runabout to satisfy your need for speed...think again. High-speed turns? No problem. Wakeboarders and tubers? Bring it on. You can even top 50 miles per hour with a 300-horsepower outboard. And, oh, by the way, Godfrey Pontoons let’s you enjoy all those things and more in luxurious comfort. You get the picture. Pontoons have come a long way over the years, and the Godfrey has developed many of the advancements that are making it happen.

Speed and performance. Those words are in our DNA. And you can tell when you get behind the wheel of a Godfrey Pontoon. The chambered G-Force III Triple-Tube System, easy-planing tube extension, sport motor pan, full aluminum belly skin, a massive and dry in-floor ski locker, and aggressive lifting strakes of Godfrey’s Total Package are a good place to get your adrenaline pumping. Those features all contribute to the excitement by giving you more consistent control and superior handling at higher speeds. It’s an incredible difference you won’t experience with any other pontoon brand.

From the all-welded V-Keel, which ensures even tracking while protecting the bottom of the pontoon, Godfrey Pontoons are engineered for speed and performance from the water up. Combine that attention to detail with separate, pressure-tested pontoon chambers created by strengthening interior bulkheads, and you’ve got a solid foundation. And when you add extruded aluminum splash fins to give you a dry ride, the difference is clear. 

Even the decking process is uniquely better than the competition. Only the best materials and hardware make the cut on a Godfrey Pontoon. Whether it’s the sound-dampening durability of Marine Deck PTP — which won’t rot, warp or dent — or even the huge, stainless steel deck fasteners, oversized C-Channel support beams and heavy-duty saddle brackets, every step in the process is designed for strength and worry-free performance. And since you’ll be out on the water in tough marine conditions, we’ve even created the Next Wave electrical system with water-resistance Deutsch Connectors for easy plug-and-play dependability.

Why do we spend so much time and effort overbuilding in areas you probably won’t ever see? Because sometimes it’s what you don’t see that can make all the difference, whether you’re talking about a day on the water or a lifetime of enjoyment. It’s a difference that’s resulted in more industry CSI Awards for Godfrey Pontoons than any other manufacturer. 

The good news is that we’re not talking about ideas that are coming sometime in the future. The time for you and your family to enjoy the excitement of a Sanpan, Aqua Patio or Sweetwater pontoon is now. So, go and try it for yourself...we know you’ll agree that the secret to a great day on the water is within your reach. And you can find it with a Godfrey Pontoon Boat.